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Our Story

Protecting More Than Just Value

How do you determine the value of something that is worth more than what it costs? That is the question at the core of Vow. We know that engagement and wedding rings have much more than just monetary value. These items have special emotional and sentimental value that is often immeasurable.

Our mission at Vow is to create a  seamless, enjoyable experience for individuals and couples to easily learn about and purchase jewelry care and insurance plans. 

Our passion is helping and serving others. The heartbreak and emotion of having an item, not only worth a significant dollar amount but heavy in emotional and sentimental value, lost or stolen, is a prime driver for our team.

Building a platform to help individuals easily preserve and protect some of their most treasured possessions motivates us daily at Vow.

Vow, Jewelry Insurance for Engagement and Wedding Rings. Bridal Jewelry Insurance.

Are you ready to preserve and protect?

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