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Protecting More Than Just Value

How do you determine the value of something that is worth more than what it costs? That is the question at the core of Vow. Typically insurance is focused on dollars and cents, which protects your asset. We want to help focus on sentiment. So we set out on a mission, to create a jewelry protection product, with the jewelry owner at the forefront. Our goal? To make sure every piece of sentimental jewelry you own is preserved, maintained, and protected so all of the values that these pieces bring, remain for generations to come. 

Jewelry Fashion

Lost jewelry is hard to replace from a financial aspect. Beyond dollars and cents, being able to exactly describe lost items to a jeweler can be next to impossible without the right pictures, details, and measurements. 

Many people have suffered the impact of jewelry loss, be it at work, or at school, on the road or from the home, the impact of lost sentimental items has multiple impacts. Vow partners with Jewelers and insurance partners to make sure sentimental items are protected from every angle.

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