Modernizing Jewelry Protection

Jewelry is special for more than what it costs! it is a part of who we are. We're here help you protect and preserve the things that make you, you. 


Jewelry Loss is a Big Problem.

 If you feel as though you're losing all of your keepsakes, you're not alone. Nearly $900 million in jewelry is lost or stolen annually. It adds up and keeping track of everything can be tough.

How We're Helping

Digital Jewelry Box

The jewelry box helps categorize your jewelry items, leveraging over 127 different categories and combinations in order to create a profile for your unique, sentimental item. This makes the jewelry box uniquely suited for family heirlooms, while remaining the top way to protect recently purchased items as well!


Concierge Insurance Services

Just like your jewelry, protecting your jewelry is not one size fits all. Knowing that doesn't make it easier to find the right method of protection for your precious items. That's what we're here for. Our team will work to give you the best insurance options for your jewelry items, in a budget that makes sense.

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Jewelry 101

Learn about things from growing your jewelry collection, to at home jewelry maintenance. All the things you'll need to take care of the jewelry you own, for now and for generations in the future. 

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How is Vow Different?

Vow is focusing on the things that matter most in personal jewelry. The size, shape, color of the gem. The grade and clarity. Exactly how many accent stones, the metal type, the inscription . Those details that make it most uniquely your item. These details happen to be the things that matter the most when trying to replace a lost or stolen item. 

The Beauty is in the Details