Wedding Planning is Hard! Protecting Your Ring Shouldn't Be.

Vow helps you keep your jewelry safe, so you can focus on everything else.


Your Home Owner's Policy is Limited

Home and renters insurance polices usually cover a very limited amount (around $1500) of any single lost jewelry item.

Jewelry Loss is Pretty Common, Especially While Traveling

On vacation, at the beach, playing volleyball. 1 in 5 honeymooners will lose a piece of jewelry while there. Only 1% of that jewelry is ever recovered. Most home owners policies don’t cover these out of home events.

Jewelry Protection is Affordable

The average jewelry policy costs between 1 and 2% of the value of the jewelry item. For a $2000 item, that’s as low as $20.

Independent Protection is Better Protection

Focus on the Love, without the Fear of Loss

Engagement rings are become increasingly customized, which also means they're becoming increasingly expensive. For 70% of young, married couples an engagement ring is the most valuable thing they own. For many that can be a cause of anxiety, and often leads to a decrease in comfort, wearing something that has so much meaning and beauty. A few cents can offer peace of mind and extra head space to focus on the beauty that is a new marriage.